I (eye) Contact - mouse alternative

       Personally, I have long been interested in various kinds of novelties in the field of information input or computer control. It seems to me that the fact that the mouse and keyboard have remained the main means of input for half a century is a blatant injustice. If the neural interface (to my great regret) is still far away, then a variety of multi-touch displays are already being released and are being prepared for mass production.
       And today I discovered a very interesting, in my opinion, concept developed by two designers Eun-Gyeong Gwon and Eun-Jae Lee (I was afraid to transliterate their names). They called their creation “I (eye) Contact”.

    I contact
       This device is designed to replace the mouse and become an alternative to cursor control. The idea was apparently taken from the military, who use similar technology in military aircraft to quickly aim at a target. The device consists of two main parts: a contact lens and a transmitter, which is also a container for storing this lens. Further, I think the essence of the work is clear: we put on a lens, it tracks the movements of our pupil and sends a signal to the transmitter, and he, in turn, transmits the signal to the computer and moves the cursor.
       Handsomely? Quite. The truth in the practicality of such a technology can be doubted. Here immediately arise the problems of the multi-user mode, in terms of hygiene and convenience. And the need for periodic replacement of lenses. And how will the lens receive energy? But the most interesting question for me is the "click". I can hardly imagine how this can be realized, except by blinking ... but it seems to me that you won’t last that long =) I would love to see how these designers would play something like diablo, where the gifted ones produce more than 300 clicks in a minute.
       But in any case, the idea is interesting and deserves attention, especially in specific areas. And I sincerely hope that new ideas in the field of data entry will appear further and more often.

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