95% of all downloaded music from the Internet is pirated

    imageAccording to the latest data received from the IFPI agency (this is such an international RIAA), for the entire 2008 the music industry earned about $ 3.7 billion. It seems to be not so bad, but the representatives of this industry are probably very upset by the fact that this money were paid for only 5% of music downloaded from the internet. As a rule, someone paid for it alone, and everyone else downloaded for free. The statistics are simple: for 1 person who could honestly pay a dozen or two bucks for the album they like, there are 14 parasites, from the point of view of IFPI.

    Despite the fact that music statistics, according to tradition, is one of the most vague areas for research in principle, the IFPI report for 2008the year explicitly hints that only 5% of music received from the Internet is acquired legally. And, perhaps, it’s sometimes worthwhile to think seriously about this topic, otherwise one day the 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg will not have enough paper to buy another Ferrari Bentley broach.

    At the same time, one can cite many examples of actions from world-famous musicians, during which music, in fact, was distributed free of charge (Radiohead, Flashbulb, NIN) on the principle of "Pay as much as you want." And it’s known for certain that a lot of money was earned on this, and NIN, which released collectible versions of the Ghosts I-IV tetraelogy, gained more on these boxes than on the sale of two previous albums. Needless to say, creativity should be encouraged in any case, and if you pulled off some kind of album from torrents and you liked it, then it’s quite logical and reasonable to buy its real version - claims to you will disappear from human rights organizations, and from the muses. industry.

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