How to send feedback on IE8

    We are all waiting for the release of Internet Explorer 8. Someone more, knowing for sure that he will be much closer to any web developer, someone less, remembering the story with IE6 and IE7. Well, everyone chooses for himself, but what exactly makes the browser better is the help of everyone, any of us, in finding bugs in it. That is, if you want the browser to be better - help and then you will have fewer reasons for a headache. So what can we do. Null, download and install the current beta version of IE8 from . It is easy to install (16mb) and easy to demolish, if that (IE7 that you have will return).

    At first,you probably know that IE8 has two layouts - one new, with support for CSS 2.1 and other web standards, and the other “old”, from IE7. By default, the new IE8 engine works, but the user can at any time with a single button reload a specific tab on the old IE7 engine. This is called the “Compatibility Mode”. This is a powerful thing, but I would like the sites to be rendered on the new engine and developed for the new engine - just by standards, and they will work much faster in this case. Accordingly, it is in the interest of both Microsoft and the developers to make sure that the current sites are displayed correctly on the new IE8 engine.

    To help with this, install the Report a Webpage Problem pluginfor IE8. Go to sites that you yourself have developed and try to figure out if they render correctly on the IE8 engine. If it’s wrong and you don’t understand why the existing code can be executed incorrectly by the browser, feel free to send the link to the page with the wrong rendering to Microsoft using the Report a Webpage Problem option in the Tools menu. This tool is also able to independently take screenshots that illustrate the problem. “There” they will definitely look at the page that you sent and maybe this will help to find the problem and fix it further. From this, the engine as a whole will become better and you will have less difficulties in the future.

    Secondly, if you find a problem in IE8, you can refer to the knowledge base on known IE8 problems, which is located on the site . There you can search if someone found this problem earlier than you, and if it is already known, you can “vote” for it, thus confirming that the problem exists and that it is important to you. This will raise her priority.

    Thirdly, if you find a hitherto unknown error, you need to write about it directly to the forum microsoft.public.internetexplorer.beta via the web, where enthusiasts, as well as employees of the Internet Explorer 8 team from Microsoft, who carefully read what they write there, are “sitting”. If the bug you found is really unique, they will help you get the right bug report! It’s better to write in English, but as experience suggests, if you write in Russian, someone will immediately translate your text into English so that other participants can understand it and post a comment on your text. One detail - the topic (Subject) is better to immediately write in English, since then the forum index is better read.

    And finally, a few links to the topic:

    1. The official IE8 team blog is the most “correct” IE8 resource. All the news appears there and you can read valuable comments. There is an RSS!
    2.IE8 "Home" - there is always a link to download the latest beta
    3. IE8 on MSDN in Russian - any technical information on IE8 and development for it

    Good luck and thanks for the feedback!

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