What you eat?

    FoodFeed is a micro service for Twitter.com users . It allows you to record meals and track what others eat. As the developers themselves say: "There is no benefit, but fun." Anything you need:
    • Add to Friends User having clauses ;
    • create your own page on the service’s website by going to the address: http://username.foodfeed.us/ , where, as you understand, username is your Twitter.com nickname;
    • every time you want to share your gastronomic addictions, write to the user having (you can in the usual way: " @having ", or you can directly: " d having ");
    • track your nutritional trends on the aforementioned page: http://username.foodfeed.us/ .
    The disadvantages include the inability to write in Cyrillic, and the pluses are the ability to import the forming feed anywhere (via RSS).

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