cOOler for laptop

    Working mainly on a laptop, it is simpler and more convenient from all objective sides. I just need the normal cooling of my steel horse. And then I found out that Aeolus released a new cooler (pallet) for laptops. In addition, I like various special effects, such as neon (my desktop is also in a modding case, it’s no worse than a Christmas tree to shine).

    Known primarily for its powerful and reliable power supplies, Taiwanese company Enermax has released a cooling pad for Aeolus laptops (trade name CP001G). The novelty comes in two color variations - silver (CP001G-S) and black (CP001G-B).

    Notebook cooler

    Enermax Aeolus is made in an aluminum case with diamond-polished edges. The main cooling element of the product is a 250 mm fan with a blue LED backlight, which can be turned off at the request of the user. Karlsson is separated from the bottom of the laptop by a steel mesh. Both cooler models are suitable for 15 "and 17" laptops, in general for most models currently available. True, they are somewhat noisy from 17 to 20 dB (at a speed of 650 - 850 rpm), which is not surprising with such a fan size. The physical dimensions of the cooling pad are 295 x 330 x 45.5 mm (L x W x H), weight - 1100 g.

    UPD: I forgot to say that according to rumors this miracle will appear at the beginning of the year, and it will cost somewhere in the region of $ 70 (~ 1700 - 1900 rubles), which in general is worth it in order to ensure the normal operation of the laptop.

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