Amarok 2.0 Release Released

    This afternoon, after two years of development, the release of Amarok 2.0, a multimedia player that includes a system for maintaining a music collection, was released.
    Screenshots and a description of the innovations under the cut. Screenshots and a description of the innovations under the cut.

    We thought about the best way to create a program that allows us to stay at the forefront of digital music control. We also sought to highlight Amarok in the booming audio player market. © Amarok Development Team

    Completely redesigned user interface. Migrated to Qt 4.4;
    Close integration with online services such as Magnatune , Jamendo , MP3tunes , and Shoutcast ;
    New API for connecting external scripts and developing plugins;
    Based on KDE 4 technologies, using an interlayer to interact with Solid equipment, the Phonon multimedia subsystem and the Plasma desktop shell;
    Redesign of the architecture for working with external devices (connecting portable audio players, storage devices, etc.)
    Podcast manager, separate from the playlist manager (improving the convenience of downloading podcasts);
    To organize the storage, a transition was made from SQlite to MySQL-embedded;
    Improving the playlist interface, including the implementation of dynamic mini-playlists;
    Automatic detection of 8-bit encoding in metadata;
    Support for Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

    Amarok can be downloaded at

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