Uptime 99.9% now for all Google Apps PE services

    Now the 99.9% guaranteed uptime condition for paid Google Apps Premier Edition services applies not only to Gmail, but also to all other web services, including Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites and Google Talk. All of them are now subject to the Google Apps Service Level Agreement .

    Uptime of 99.9% means that services can be unavailable for no more than 45 minutes per month, otherwise the company will be obliged to pay compensation to the user (interesting detail: according to the SLA, intervals of less than 10 minutes are not considered downtime). The amount of compensation is also set in SLA.

    Statistics over recent years show that the reliability of Google services is several times higher than guaranteed. The average downtime was 10-15 minutes per month, even according to the free version of Gmail. According to independent analysts, this is much higher than other companies that offer similar services for money. Examples are solutions based on Novell GroupWise (downtime 66 minutes per month), IBM Lotus (120 minutes) and Microsoft Exchange (150 minutes): see diagram . Those even have some “planned” downtimes that are absent in Gmail in principle.

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