Skyfire Beta - Now for Everyone

    Last night, the Skyfire browser released a public beta.
    Now anyone can download it, registering on the site
    when registering, you need to specify a mobile phone in the USA, but I managed with a random set of numbers (my apologies to the one who received the SMS in states - it’s like you haven’t had a night there =) the
    version for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 is available and for Symbian S60
    I had the opportunity to drive Skyfire on HTC P4350 a bit

    by the way navigation is arranged - similar to Opera Mini 4 and Opera Mobile 9 beta, but
    (rather) Skyfire understands flash - in particular video on YouTube
    (b) being a native n APPENDIX - it is not isolated from the rest of the system like Opera Mini
    (c) he doesn’t complain about the lack of memory like Opera Mobile 9
    (d) he understands ajax sites
    (e) it seemed to me that he’s faster (I didn’t run any special tests)

    , I generally recommend

    it, but soon Fenec from Mozilla is expected - so there will be what to choose

    disclaimer from: I have no relationship with Skyfire developers

    UPDATE: from the comments here and in LJ the following disadvantages were drawn:
    (a) beta does not support high-resolution (VGA) screens
    (b) unlike Opera Mini, Skyfire does not compress traffic
    ( c) does not support devices on WM2003SE

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