Welcome all.

    Recently, participating in the Habrovsky debate on the topic of English, I noticed some convenience when reading new comments on the topic. In new comments, a header with a username is highlighted in color. When there are many such comments arranged in a row, it is noticeably more convenient to visually identify each new comment. So I decided to open for general discussion the topic of the visibility of comments on topics :).

    I propose to highlight each comment with a color background, for example, light gray. This, in my opinion, will improve the intelligibility and structure of the visual perception of the content of the comment. And the selection of new and own comments can be done in the same way as now - by highlighting the background in a different color. PS: My first topic), do not hit hard. UPD

    3.gif - image uploaded to Picamatic

    : That's strange somehow. All commentators say, yes, that’s better like that, but that’s how you have to do more. And how does one thread from the creators of Chabolev see this, for example? It’s strange, somehow, either I don’t understand something, or I posted a topic at night, or it’s such an important and interesting :). In design user interfaces, it’s kind of like, I don’t have enough power, how then can I get to the heart of the Habr? :)

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