- Belarusian torrent tracker

    I would like to talk about one resource that, in my opinion, will be of interest primarily to those users who live in Belarus. is a Belarusian torrent tracker that has been developing very rapidly and rapidly recently. It seems that at first glance there is nothing interesting, a simple ordinary tracker, which is full of the Internet. But! It has several features. One of them is the ability to exchange media content for free access (internal resources - which are provided free of charge or for ridiculous amounts of money), provided that the sider and leecher are sitting on the same provider or on friendly providers. This is a definite plus, given the cost of Internet in the country, and even more so outside the capital.

    In addition, the user is very actively communicating on the tracker. Soon, the tracker will acquire an information portal with reviews of media content. But about this already in the next review of this project.

    Thank you for your attention.

    UPD: Friday, writing is hard ...; )

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