XMPP Federation - a new site, getting SSL certificates has become easier

    On the XMPP ICA website , in the past, the XMPP Federation (service for issuing SSL certificates for Jabber servers) changed the type of engine (switched from Drupal to MediaWiki) and simplified the procedure for issuing SSL certificates for Jabber servers.

    The beginning is the same - you need to contact Peter Sant Andre (in Jabber, I managed to catch him on the air in 2 days), introduce himself and describe what kind of server you have, etc.

    After Peter considers that a certificate can be issued to you, he will provide a link. Further, everything is automatic. I received a certificate for my Jabber server (im.boyandin.ru) in five minutes - plus another three minutes to enter the certificate into operation.

    In general, the procedure has become much less vain and almost completely automated.

    NB: need to update acc. article (XMPP Federation ). if no one does before that moment, then by Monday I will try to do it myself.

    I hope that the “new certificate issuing scheme” that they talk about on the site will not be significantly less convenient than the current one.

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