Google Toolbar 5 beta

    Good news, everyone! Finally, a beta version of Google Toolbar 5 for Firefox has been released .

     New features:
    • Integrated Google Notebook. In order to use it, you no longer need to put a separate extension.
    • Synchronization of the toolbar settings between browsers, including the toolbar under Internet Explorer.
    • Custom buttons can now contain gadgets similar to iGoogle gadgets.
    • Reworked and supplemented bookmarks. Now, when creating a bookmark, you can select part of the text on the page, and the next time it is highlighted.
    • LinkDoctor Corrects some URLs typed with an error.
    • "WebHistory." The history of the pages you visited is saved. It became possible to search all visited pages.
    • Many other features have been finalized in one way or another . Many bugs fixed. (More likely contributed. :)
    Not without patriotic pride, I want to note that this version of the toolbar is the first, almost all of which was developed in the Google’s St. Petersburg office. Apart from minor updates of the 3rd version, for the team this is the first real release.

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