Programmers. The relationship between employees and project owners.

    Hello everyone. I am a regular developer in a company based on Internet solutions. Unless the company is already 10 years old and it has only one project, and I am a specialist in a wide field, engaged in both development and layout and management. Our project has about 20 lyama hits per day and we are the leader in our market. In total, there are 10 people in the team, one owner. I don’t know his income, but in one of Forbes issues, not so long ago, he was on the cover. I get the average market salary of a php developer in Moscow. Of course, I have my own business, my projects + old, remote communications, I do not live in poverty. But what annoys me is that on a large project, where I play a small role, I get an average salary. Please tell me, businessmen, what drives you when you buy yourself the latest top-end modifications of luxury foreign cars, and at the same time, consider that in your IT office, programmers are slaves and a cheap working class. About system administrators who support dozens of servers, I am silent. Yes, damn it, this is a cry of the soul, but have you seen the old web developers? Once again, when you decide to refuse to increase the RFP to your developers, think about what will happen if they leave the competition and begin to implement your projects. Arbeiten.

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