Chat 2.0 or how to quickly meet new people

    What do social networks not give? I don’t know about you (someone definitely doesn’t have such a problem), but from time to time I do not have the opportunity to quickly find an interlocutor. Suppose you want to chat right now with a person on a given topic, perhaps it would be a person similar to you in interests and some other arbitrary parameters. How will you solve this problem now? You can go to LiveJournal, Vkontakte, Habr or ICQ, do a search and send messages to the people you like. Sometimes they will answer you right away, sometimes after a while, sometimes they won’t answer at all. You can go to IRC or any web chat and try to draw attention to your person - it can work, but often people are distracted by general chatter and are not located for private serious conversations. And you want to communicate face-to-face right now, without unnecessary searches.
    How could this work?

    Does everyone remember how online checkers work? Vasya launched checkers in Moscow, and Petya in Australia, they automatically connect with each other and begin to play. Since the game is included in the standard WinXP package, there are a lot of people who want to play and applications are satisfied almost instantly.

    Well ... the idea is already clear: what if you make a chat that works on the same principle? Suppose I want to talk about politics (the meaning of life, computers, Linux, literature), I tick off the corresponding topic (or set of topics), select the language and press the button. Somewhere, three thousand kilometers from me, Vasya chose the same topic and we are connecting for a chat. When selecting an interlocutor, you can further analyze his profile: age, gender, interests, city. For example, I want to talk only with a young girl or only with a person whose list of interests coincides with mine at least 70%.

    Of course, for this to work, a huge number of active users are needed. Without them, Vasya will wait a long time for the interlocutor. You can implement this not only as a separate site, but also as applets for well-known social networks: the audience is large, there are already profiles with the necessary information. You can earn unobtrusive banner in the chat window + paid inexpensive accounts without advertising.

    How do you like the idea? Maybe analogues have existed for a long time, but I, by my grayness, do not know?
    Open for cooperation on this issue;)

    UPD: The idea is about organizing a quick (close to instant) selection of the interlocutor for a tête-à-tête conversationon a given topic. This is similar to the “I'm Lucky" button on Google: you don’t waste time picking results, but immediately get to a specific site. Plus, your “result” will be guaranteed to be ready for conversation_right_ now. What you will not achieve in ICQ, forums and dating sites.

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