New Qlickworld BV RSS Reader - a program for users or a platform for companies?

    Let's see what is more in demand: the program for the user or as a platform interested.
    Here's what the creators say:

    RSS is one of the most effective ways to get any type of information on the global Internet. This method is increasingly being used and is becoming very popular. New information found on a site is converted to a specific format called an RSS feed. Thus, these RSS feeds can be read by sites that support RSS or the so-called RSS-Readers. Well-known bloggers and major Internet publications such as The New York Times, Wordpress, and Bloglines have been using RSS for several years, distributing important information to a large number of Internet users.

    Qlikworld Reader is not just a standard RSS reader. All functions of adding and deleting tapes by the user are fully respected, but at the same time Qlikworld Reader can use a more extensive database of resources, such as media, news, videos, images, audio files. By adding RSS feeds independently, using the easy search function, which allows you to save the entered search queries and link to them, the user can collect relevant information of interest to him, his resources of interest in a single program.

    Businesses and RSS Reader

    A unique opportunity for businesses to have
    Made in the corporate colors, with its own logo, with corporate news that cannot be deleted. This is very convenient for the company and its customers, as it makes it possible to instantly find out all the news that occurs in a particular area of ​​the enterprise.

    Another important point - Reader can send information to certain groups of users (community). Information flows are divided by type and purpose of information for various groups. For company customers, for partners, for distributors and so on. Thus, each community (group) receives its target information that is interesting specifically for her. Qlikworld Reader enables companies to have a direct channel for internal and external communications.

    Benefits for you

    The corporate logo and colors of your company in Reader, the rise in brand popularization
    Direct communication with customers and various groups
    Easy management through My.3klik
    Creating various communities (community - a network of information channels for various user groups)
    Multimedia, sending images, videos, audio
    support or markings next to plain text Zip code support - Google map (location map) that allows you to see the location of the source of information
    Benefits for end users Firs
    Support RSS for all versions and Atom
    Add / Remove / Manage RSS Feeds
    Personalized information and media streams Search in a large database of news, information, vacancies, video clips, audio recordings and images
    Support for many formats (avi, mpeg, mp3, wav, doc, pdf, jpg)
    Nice user interface
    Be the first to know All news of the company offering you RSS Reader.

    RSS? How long has it existed ?!

    In the USA, the concept of RSS has been known since the late 90s and even entered the vocabulary. Any student understands what is at stake. In Europe, this method is gradually, but faster and faster, finds application. Soon, RSS will change the way information and data are transmitted. So still, what is RSS feeds?

    RSS is a combination of letters in the abbreviation of English "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary". Moreover, “Really Simple Syndication” is considered as the main concept.

    Using RSS feeds, anyone with a website on the Internet can distribute their news to a wide audience of users around the world. Visitors to his site using the so-called RSS-Reader (also known as News Reader or Feed Reader) or myPLAZOO can subscribe to these news and read them whenever they want. The information in this format is called RSS Feeds. In Russian - news channels, news feeds.
    RSS Benefits

    Using RSS feeds makes it possible to view news from many sites in a short time without spending time opening each of them. You do not even need to enter the addresses of these pages, but you just need to run RSS Reader.

    Situation in the past old

    Situation now new

    How to find RSS feeds?

    For example, in PLAZOO:

    PLAZOO is an information retrieval system. Just enter the keyword of the topic you are interested in. PLAZOO will give you the corresponding tapes.

    At the moment, RSS news can be found not only on commercial sites, but also on thousands of so-called Blogs (online diaries). A blog (from weblog) is a kind of diary on the network, with the help of which a person can talk about himself, communicate with his friends, and also find new ones on the network.

    The material is taken from the site
    from myself I can add that I myself downloaded here: and use it. I love.
    I can add that the creators made a very good machine. I constantly listen to the radio, which is in the services of the reader. about 50 channels. Choose to your taste and color.
    I think it is worth trying first, and then using it in different guises: as a program for a user and as a platform for a company.

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