Some jokers played the service of those. Rockstar Games Support

    The network has long been rumored about the upcoming release of GTA 4 on PC. What about getting release news from support? It sounds ridiculous ...

    The story is this. Two guys wrote a letter to Rockstar support , in which they allegedly complained about the sound, playing GTA 4 on the PC.

    “The first-person view is simply magnificent, and the character of Nico Bellic makes me feel like I live according to the script of the game. However, there are things that I cannot but complain about. In particular, this applies to surround sound. From time to time, my left rear speaker goes off, especially when characters like little Jacob speak. Also, when I call 911, the answering machine is turned on, but the sound disappears as soon as emergency options are provided to me, ”the author of the letter writes.

    After some time, the author received an answer: “The release of the PC version of GTA 4 has not yet been announced, the game is still under development. The release announcement was not even on the official website. ”

    The jokers were also told: “We are not sure about the release of the PC version of the game. We are just technical support and do not really have any information on this. Stay tuned at . ”

    Source: GTA.COM.UA

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