Telehouse Caravan: hosting for the wealthy

    Telecommunications company Caravan opened a high-tech platform in Moscow to provide services for the placement of Telehouse Caravan IT infrastructure . This is a new project for the market, implemented and put into operation, taking into account the increased requirements for server platform reliability, energy supply and quality of service.

    The new platform is aimed at large companies whose need for physical hosting services has gone beyond the existing offers on the market. These are mainly corporate users, the financial and banking sector, Internet service providers, IT companies, telecom operators, government agencies. The most demanding customers can even rent a dedicated data center (separate room) at the Telehouse Caravan site.

    Telehouse Caravan is a single system of independent secure data centers. The engineering infrastructure is implemented using innovative design principles: the power allocated to the rack exceeds more than five times the standard offers of existing data centers and can reach 30 kW.

    Since June 5, 2008, sales have been opened in the following areas of physical hosting:

    rack rental (1945 rubles per month);
    Colocation Standart and Colocation Unlimited (2975 rubles and 5034 rubles per month);
    rack rental;
    rental of dedicated data centers.
    For customers renting a data center, it is possible to configure existing Telehouse parameters in accordance with the requirements of the hosted IT infrastructure. Colocation subscribers have access to completely unlimited tariffs and turnkey solutions.

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