Competition for the most creative IT specialist

    Good afternoon!
    We invite you to participate in the competition for the most creative IT specialist! :)

    Our project is a service that offers background information on entertainment and helps organize meetings with friends.
    We offer you to participate in a competition for the best idea for a holiday.

    Put the most creative and relevant ideas in the comments to the topic, and the author of the one for which most users will vote will receive a prize. The IT prize will also be selected collectively (vote for prizes in the comments):
    - USB rocket launcher with a webcam;
    - USB cup heating;
    - USB slippers with heating;
    - USB fridge.

    The promotion will last until 12:00 on June 17 (until next Tuesday).

    If you place the idea on Mooteam in the “ideas for relaxation” section, then the advantages received on Mooteam will be combined with the advantages on Habré.

    The most creative - good luck, and the lazy - karma for voting :)

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