Work outdoors (or IT goes to the forest on bicycles)

    I looked closely at various options for organizing work outside the home, but they did not suit me for one reason or another. One of the options was coworking - a wonderful model, but, unfortunately, not compatible with the desire not to shine your projects before they are launched. In addition, we still have very few coworking centers , and the nearest one, as a rule, is not at all close.

    For myself, I seem to have found a suitable solution - while it's warm, every day I’m going to get out on a bike somewhere far away from people, so as not to interfere, and work, enjoying nature and fresh air. You can, of course, without great, but I’ll correct my health along the way, and I can call in the most beautiful and quiet places. Sometimes you can take your wife with you, let him write landscapes, or a friend of a programmer who will be engaged in his own or joint projects with me. In fact, the same coworking will turn out, but, importantly, only people you trust will be nearby. All that is needed for happiness is a correctly selected bicycle (which will make it convenient to drive around the city and off-road), a laptop with decent battery life, at least some kind of Internet (I think there’s enough mobile with your head) and a backpack with sandwiches.

    Of course, no matter how hard I try, the laptop will not work for a long time without recharging (I’ll write below how I plan to solve this issue), and I won’t take all the work to the forest, I’ll need high-speed Internet at some stages, and scanners with printers, etc. Therefore, this solution will not allow to completely rid the house of work, but so far it suits me. I will soon see what comes of this in practice, and I will definitely share my impressions.

    Now I'm picking up a laptop and a bicycle. I wanted to talk about this. Well, at the same time, discuss the very idea of ​​cycling coworking.


    You will have to ride it both on asphalt, and on various curbs and steps in the city, forest impassability and, possibly, sand. Therefore, a bicycle needs a universal one. Having walked through various online bicycle shops and forums, I realized that I, with my modest experience in skiing in Ukraine, have lagged far behind life. It turns out the great divide, not only sports, mountain and domestic. :) And I do not need a mountain at all - to overcome long distances on a hard road on soft and wide tires with medium-diameter wheels is still a perversion. And soft shock absorbers, especially the rear ones, will be very out of place here - legs will spend energy not where they should. For the road, shoseynye or tourist are good, but there will be problems with them on the roads. What I need is in a group of cross or hybrid bikes. They have normal-sized wheels (like in Ukraine), and the tires are suitable, and the shock absorbers with brakes are optimally selected for such use as I need.

    It was a long time deciding on the manufacturer, but I realized that there would not be much difference between global brands. Moreover, the equipment(brakes, drive, gear shift, etc.) they often put the same thing - a third-party manufacturer, which is only engaged in equipment. Equipment can be selected for every taste (quality is divided into groups) and budget. He also paid attention to the material of the frame (he chose aluminum alloys - they are lighter and tougher, do not rust) and appearance. While stopped at Kellis . I liked the design of those models that suit the parameters and price. In addition, I liked the models with both male and female frames, and this is important for me - I want to immediately take my bike to my wife.

    Actually, here are the pairs of cyclers that I want to feel the other day and take some of them: SAPHIX and GAMMA(frame - aluminum alloy, budget attachments, metal pedals, $ 400), STYLUS and KAPPA (frame - aluminum alloy, linkage, entry-level pedals - plastic, $ 300), RESULT and ALPHA (frame - steel, initial suspension level, pedals - plastic, $ 270). I would like to hear the comments of people who dealt with such bicycles or at least their components. Is there a difference in the quality of equipment, for example, SAPHIX and STYLUS, of these $ 100? How reliable are aluminum alloy frames? Everywhere they warn that they are even tougher, but accumulate fatigue, and with intensive skiing can burst at one point.

    Interesting and general tips about buying a bike. I do not mean what they write on store sites about the height of the frame, etc. What should I check when buying? What warranties are considered acceptable?

    A laptop

    In terms of performance, I am satisfied with almost all the models available for sale, so I looked more at battery life, compatibility with the desired OS, appearance and price. From the manufacturers I looked at ACER, Asus, DELL, Hewlett Packard. I rejected screens with glossy surfaces, as there will be a lot of glare in the open air. The operating system and laptop design are individual things, so I’ll just write that the Dell Vostro line ( Vostro 1000 ) came up to me . They can be bought without an OS, they are sold with a 3-year warranty, there are options with a reinforced case, all models have a keyboard with a protective film from moisture and dust, the battery life is stated up to 5 hours (although the reviews say about 3).

    In general, it turned out to be problematic to find something that holds a charge of 4 hours or more at an affordable price. Yes, and I wanted to meet the other criteria that interested me. Out of the situation, I see the purchase of an additional battery. One will be charged at home until I sleep, the second will be set for the night. There is another option with the purchase of the converter from the cigarette lighter and car battery (+ charger for it). But this is not very convenient, although it will not need to be charged every day.

    There are still doubts about the diagonal of the screen. On the one hand, I want a compact size, and on the other, comfortable work. Is 14 inches enough for programming, site layout and drawing in Ghimp, or less than 15 to not even watch?

    If I am mistaken in something or did not take into account some points when choosing laptop models and is great, write, I will appreciate any comments.

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