Dating service for bath / bath

    I propose to create a dating service "in the bath" :). So that anyone can place the address of the house and in what period (14-21 days) he will be able to receive guests :) and when he would like to go on a visit (periods) - those families in which these periods coincide will show each other. If you are still posting about yourself and those you would like to meet with (about the size of the bathtub, the presence of a jacuzzi, etc. :)) as well as the desired area (if the city is large), you can choose friends. Though for 21 days.

    The target audience is likely only in Moscow under a million (well, minus children, homeless people, owners of boilers, etc.). Profit from advertising of baths, saunas, boilers, etc. - targeting is almost 100%.

    PS I edited it a bit - removed the news from Yandex.

    UPD: You can make a bulletin board on this topic. For example, grandmothers (conditionally :)) will be able to take their bath for a couple of hours for xx rubles for those who do not have it (or simply do not have water) - what is not a home-based business? If you embed the search taking into account the area of ​​residence and the house, it will be possible to show the results of the ads on demand (coming) if there is no water in the requested house, or to offer an announcement to those who have water. Something like this :)

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