Euroset - consultants are just ... oh!

    Of course, I understand that consultants at Euroset pay little. Therefore, including they rarely understand the equipment sold and often make mistakes in the characteristics of the devices. I understand that they were sickened by an idly staggering public, that they were constantly asked to see something and rarely buy it. But what happened today, I was simply outraged to the core!
    So, I wanted to give my mom a birthday phone. She is already a middle-aged woman, so there are specific requirements for the phone. Need a clamshell or slider, while not very high screen resolution (so that the font is larger), the presence of mp3 (put songs on the phone) and a poor camera (take pictures of grandchildren). Well, so that the battery works longer.
    I started shopping in the week. I went to the Euroset. At first she barely interrogated the boy to stop the fascinating conversation and come up to me. Then I had to literally beg to show the phone! To my request to show, at first he tried to get off with a verbal description, then he let me hold the phone with the battery pulled out. What suffering was on his face when I once again reminded him that I still want to see the screen, menu and listen to the speaker. What a grimace and what a heavy sigh.
    In principle, I liked everything on that phone (it was Nokia 2760), but you have to choose it. I went to the window and asked to show Xenium (such a red cute clamshell, the model did not remember). The description was mp3. He, having already managed to leave for his corner, from there muttered that mp3 was not there. He told me the same thing about some inexpensive Sagem or Fly (I don’t remember already). Frustrated, I went home.
    Today I decided to pass the minutes of waiting in another Euroset - and there, in the same way, the descriptions did not correspond to reality. But at the same time, I remembered my sad experience, when they gave me a headset about the headset, it was not at all what it was when I was grossly mistaken in the characteristics of the phone. And I asked the consultant - is there really mp3 in this Xenium? Unfortunately it was the same boy! He stood in a pose and indignantly said that they had already explained everything to me a few days ago! Well, not arrogance, huh?
    I asked him why you, knowing that there is a mistake in the description, can’t correct it ?? And in general, what right do you have to be indignant over your laziness?
    You won’t spoil my mood because of such inertness, but the desire to buy something in the Euroset has disappeared! Do not wait, Mr. Chichvarkin, for a brighter future if the level of service is so shoveling!
    PS And this is happening not only in Euroset, but also in other communication stores, household appliances, cosmetics and furniture stores!
    PPS The headline is a parody of one of the slogans of Euroset. Itself in many ways a hypocrite and have a negative attitude to profanity. Therefore, if he touched someone - I apologize. I wrote a post under the influence of indignation, now I would change the title, but it's too late.

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