HTML downloadable fonts - dream or reality?

    Many will agree that standard Arial, Times, Verdana, etc. often not enough.
    Here, the css @ font-face rule, which allows you to use your font, should come to the rescue. But unfortunately there is no normal browser support. As a test, you can use .

    It only worked for me in Safari 3.1.
    Safari @ font-face

    IE6, FF2, Opera 9.26 - did not pass the test.
    IE6, FF2, Opera 9.26 @ font-face

    Let's look at the possible options without using this rule.

    sIFR 2.0: Scalable Inman Flash Replacement

    IFR logo
    sIFR offers us an alternative. The necessary HTML text elements are replaced using JavaScript and CSS with Flash blocks, with the desired font.
    Among the shortcomings, it is necessary to note the need to convert the required ttf to swf and use a flash (although the project uses version 6.0, which comes with Windows XP by default)
    More in Russian (Habr)
    sIFR plugin for jQuery
    Description in English
    Download sIFR 2.0.2

    Sistr - replace sIFR with Silverlight

    An absolute analogue of the first project, only written using technology from Microsoft.
    The project is new, so there are much more shortcomings and bugs. The biggest, in my opinion, is the use of Silverlight itself, which is practically not widespread.
    Project page
    Download sistr.js

    PHP + Javascript Image Replacement

    Unlike the previous two players using transformations on the client, this is a server technology that replaces specified tags with images with entered text.
    It is enough to write the following JavaScript code
    replaceSelector ("h2", "ifr.php", false);
    and all h2 tags are replaced with png images with arbitrary font text that are set in the ifr.php
    English page , there is also an example at the bottom of the page
    Download PHP + Javascript Image Replacement

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