Why can't Windows users tear myself away from solitaire?

    Many of us saw an accountant or office manager sitting at his Windows computer and enthusiastically playing solitaire, transferring cards from place to place throughout the working day. Surprisingly, this French game is so addictive that people are able to play it every day for weeks, months on end. What is the secret of this phenomenon, and whether this game can squeeze Tetris and other competitors for the title of the most popular game of all time, are trying to figure out Slate reporters .

    It is curious that during the inception of the Slate web magazine, its editors wanted to choose such a slogan for their project: “Slate is a solitaire for a thinking person” to emphasize how obsessive it can become to visit the Slate website every day to read something new and interesting (for Habr, this motto would also be suitable in such a context). However, it was decided to abandon the idea, because such a slogan "would be too honest."

    Indeed, in terms of fame and obsession, few games can compete with Windows card solitaire. In terms of its ability to “kill time”, this game is considered canonical: almost everyone played it from time to time. They say that even George W. Bush liked to play a couple of handson his computer when he was still the governor of Texas. Two hundred years ago, Solitaire spent days on end Napoleon during the exile to the island of St. Elena.

    In "digital times" the popularity of card solitaire was restrained by the fact that after each distribution it was necessary to thoroughly mix the deck. That's why computers gave a second life to this game. Automatic shuffling of maps and statistics contributed to the revival of old entertainment. By 1979, a new version of the game, which was called FreeCell, gained popularity. People played it back in the days of mainframes and terminals. Further more.

    The first version of Klondike Solitaire appeared on personal computersincluded with Windows 3.0 to help neophytes figure out how a computer mouse works. By dragging cards and clicking on the deck, people acquired the skills necessary to work in other Windows programs. Then this need disappeared, but due to the wild popularity of the game, Microsoft, in fact, could not control its distribution and was forced to include solitaire in Windows 95 and all subsequent versions of Windows. Now almost every PC has three versions of the game: Spider, Klondike and FreeCell. However, in our time, they also in some way perform a learning function, helping people to master multitasking work.

    According to one of the Microsoft programmers, solitaire is now the most frequently run program.from the entire software package that comes with the Windows operating system. The three versions of solitaire account for more than half of all the time that Windows users devote to games.

    Without understatement, we can say that “Kosyna” forever changed the modern office culture. Due to the loss of working time, it is estimated that Windows Solitaire is damaging the global economy in the amount of $ 800 trillion annually.

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