CoLiving is a variation on the Coworking theme.

    After I published a post here about how we tested the first in the CIS coworking “Vulyk” , I received a letter that made me a little bit proud of domestic business innovators:

    Good day! And here we tried to develop the idea of ​​co-working, and then. The result was a certain co-living. General idea:

    We are finishing the construction of the house - near Alushta, on the mountain, a 15-minute walk from the sea. 12 rooms will be given year-round - all with sea views, from 18 to 35 square meters, with all amenities, some with kitchens. Garden of 20 acres with a preserved piece of forest. Parking. We assume full board: cleaning, laundry, your own cook.

    The essence of the project is not so much in renting out rooms - how to offer a range of opportunities for sustainable living: Crimea, 15 minutes to the sea with good beaches, forest, air, silence, awesome view from the courtyard and windows to the sea, Crimean fruit and vegetables , human benevolent environment, the ability to use the house’s infrastructure along with room rental (garden, pools, dining room, cinema room, fitness equipment, saunas, parking, library, music library, video library ...) and services (cleaning, washing, ironing, cook services, services driver with a car, etc ...).

    The house will be launched in early 2009.

    The general idea is to create a community of people working body and living a healthy life: silence, clean environment, healthy eating, sports, a pleasant community around the soul. To do this, we plan to communicate with all potential residents before moving in to jointly create a human environment.

    More detailed information on the website . The site - like the house - is in the process of completion, there may be failures, litter for defects.

    We would be interested to start a discussion of the project now in order to understand more about the specifics of the arrangement of rooms, the requirements of tenants-freelancers, etc.

    We immediately sent our correspondent to Crimea, who visited the facility and felt everything .

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