Linux Source Engine - The Probable Future

    Website  hl-inside .ru reports that Valve are going to port the Source engine to Linux. The information is based on the  approval of the leading site Phoronix , specializing since 2004 on everything related to this platform.
    Last year, there were rumors that Valve could start porting Source games after they started looking for a programmer, one of whose responsibilities should be “porting Windows games to the Linux platform”. However, since then, the developers have not announced the release of the Linux client.any of its product. Nevertheless, Phoronix say that they received insider information that Valve is now engaged in this particular process. The Source engine was originally designed as flexible and scalable, which should make it very easy to add support for OpenGL, which is used on both Linux and Mac OS X.
    In support of his words, Phoronix cites the fact that Postal III, developed by Running With Scissors on the Source engine, will also be released for the Linux platform (as well as for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Mac). Phoronix has no more facts to confirm, except perhaps for its unsullied reputation. The only thing else they mention as confirming moment is the blog of one programmer, Ryan Gordon, who portes numerous games on Linux (Unreal Tournament 3, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Quake III Arena, Unreal 200x, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor , America's Army, Postal ½, Battlefield 1942, Serious Sam and others) the  Portal Weighted Cube buddy toy was seen twice .

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