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    At one point, Web 2.0 services disappointed me. Rereading the review of the next startup, one could notice either its complete cloning or uselessness. And so I was very skeptical when a friend threw me an invite on Evernote - a service for storing notes (notes). Having watched the introductory video, I realized that this thing is very useful and finally, I will have a full notebook on the desktop. And not just a book, but a book with unique capabilities.

    Evernote provides its users with a desktop application for Windows and MacOS, which allows you to create and save notes. From time to time, Evernote synchronizes notes with its service, where you can access them through the web interface. There is also a version for mobile phones, but only for Windows Mobile.

    Windows version screenshot
    I tested the version for Windows that I was offered to download after registration. The program weighs relatively little, about 50 MB. But the possibilities of taking notes are impressive: notes are not only text, they are also hand-drawn pictures and screenshots of any part of the screen. For example, to show some cool bug, you can easily highlight a part of the screen, immediately circle the necessary element, save it as a record and instantly share it on the evernote website.

    But all this is trifles in comparison with how records are searched. A text recognition system is built into the program, and the search indexes not only text notes, but also pictures ! Now it makes no sense to copy text from interesting websites, just save a screenshot of the page. Similarly, you can save scanned images, or screenshots of other applications, and the program, to the best of its ability, recognizes the text in them, and adds it to the search index.

    You can come up with a sea of ​​use cases for such functionality. Alas, I use the program only the second day, because for now I’ll mention one thing. Sometimes I go through Last.fm in search of new artists, but it’s not always immediately possible to listen to them. Usually it was necessary to record the artist’s name, genre somewhere, and at the same time not to lose the file where it was recorded. With Evernote, this is made easier: I highlight the upper part of the artist’s profile on Last.fm and I have his name, photo, biography, tags and for each of the tags I can search within my collection. Any other use cases are welcome in the comments.

    But of course, the service would not be so useful if there was no synchronization with the server and the web interface for accessing notes. Like all startups of the 2.0 era, Evernote is still beta and sharpened for IE and Firefox. You can also use the opera, but you need to make some fixes in the style of the page. Working through the web interface is convenient, despite some cutbacks compared to desktop versions, all the basic functions are saved, including search. Through the web interface, you can share your notes. You can create an open notebook and get the address of the book and a widget where your friends and colleagues can see your notes. Here I want to point out one interesting feature: I wanted to insert a picture from the notes into my blog, but when I try to follow the link to the picture, the user is informed about the access ban. At the same time, if the link is driven into the browser line, the picture opens without problems. I suspect that the server displays a message if it finds a referer.

    The service is really very convenient - to save the moments of your virtual life in any accessible form is extremely simple and necessary. I've been looking for a program for storing notes for a long time, but Evernote certainly stands out strikingly from their background. Especially important is the fact that the developers promise to leave the program and service completely free , using the premium account model in business. The only limitation is that the service works on invites, but each new user is given 10 pieces. Ask - I'll throw it off.

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