Voluntary donations to article authors

    Today I came across an article that seemed to me very, very interesting and useful. In it, the author talks about how to spend a little money and get high-quality mail (from GMail) on YOUR domain! The article is very interesting and I myself repeated the actions described in it and got an excellent result.

    But ...
    The author at the end of the article asked to voluntarily transfer money to him and then they attacked him and began to minus.

    And what, in fact, is the matter? Can't a man ask for money? He wrote an interesting article, spent his time and energy.

    I do not understand.

    Why such practice is suppressed. I would give money to many authors if they left their WMR / WMZ. It seems to me that this is a good practice. People work, spend time (at least those who write the articles themselves), and if their article turned out to be very useful to someone, why not transfer money to the author?

    What do you think about it?

    UPD: I propose to leave some kind of button at the end of articles with a link to your profile in such cases:

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