What is considered correct?

    from my point of view (I hope that it coincides with the rational), what is convenient is correct in the world around us .
    in the end, everything strives to become comfortable and establish itself as such as a reference.

    usability, ergonomics, user friendliness, a lot of attention is paid to this (not unreasonably) in all that we use.

    when considering something, we would rather say “yes, excellent!” if we consider it something convenient for ourselves. if it doesn’t suit us for one reason or another, then we will find it not convenient for us, we’ll rather respond “no, don’t ride!” the

    Russian language.
    How many rules are absolutely inconvenient for a person in it?

    why, if you and I are forced to scratch our left ear with our right hand, we are all indignant as one and say that it’s not convenient for us and we will do it because it is easier and more natural for us.
    and when we are told that we need to write something differently from the way it sounds familiar, do we think that is right?

    and, because we blindly believe that it should be so!

    UPD: I do not glorify the “Albanian”, as many here thought (and lined me up with minuses wherever they could) I want to consider the problems of convenience in the language.

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