“I do not want to work for my uncle!” - but on the other hand

    Recently, I have been reading a lot of posts on the habr about how wonderful it is to have a job and get rid of getting up every day at 5 in the morning, a two-hour trip in an electric train to work, an eight-hour "monkey labor" and evening dullness. And all this five more days a week all year round.

    I am outraged that the authors of these notes take two extreme examples: terrible, slavish, uninteresting, unpromising work for an uncle and lovely, gifting, freedom and independence, successful, own business. But this is all far from reality.

    I want to share a little thoughts from that very freedom and independence, for the sake of which, in fact, everything begins, and which most attracts young businessmen.

    Let’s say you’ve become proficient in some area, whether it’s programming, design or SEO, it doesn’t matter that you become a professional. Suppose even that you have some kind of product or some kind of thought that (in your opinion) can turn the target market upside down. In your dreams, you are already bathed in money, everyone expresses their respect for you, you work as much as you want.

    And reality hits right away and hurts. The first thing to face is money. And, if you do not have them at your disposal, then freedom and independence end immediately. Because working with an investor is not much different from working for an uncle. You have to defend your business plan and budget and convince people who risk their money that the business will burn out. Moreover, if received, funding may cease at any time for many reasons. In addition, there is also credit - a direct road to sleepless nights.

    Then there will be many organizational and legal issues, which are also not very pleasant to deal with, and they will require a lot of time. (taking into account our developed bureaucracy and numerous programs of "supporting small business").

    If the company you are organizing will be employees, then again this is a difficulty. I don’t think that readers of this text believe that fanaticism is useful for the workflow, and people who write code like maniacs sitting at a computer for 12 hours are exactly those who are needed to achieve success. After all, these are dangerous people who can "burn out" at any time. In addition, a person who is not interested in anything other than his professional field quickly falls ill with "professional criticism." His field of knowledge simply narrows to the subject of his work. But how much knowledge indirectly related to work can be gained from life. This is all to ensure that your employees, in addition to your awesome project, will also be worried about salaries, a social package, the convenience of a workplace and other nonsense that does not matter to you as a carrier of ideas.

    And we almost got to the most important. Around you will constantly be a carousel of customers, customers, subcontractors, consultants, colleagues, employees. Everyone will constantly do and say something. The amount of information that you will receive will be colossal. And with all this, you have to constantly make decisions yourself. They will be faithful and unfaithful. Optimal and stupid.

    Moreover, the fact that you are the "founder of the company" or that you are "risking money" does not give you immunity or super ability to make only the right decisions.

    And there will be no time to think for weeks to do something or how to do it better. Answers will often be needed here and now. And for each decision it will be necessary to bear responsibility before itself and the team.

    The result of the work will not always be “fucked up." Sometimes Ushat Pomoev will be poured over his head, and first of all those who think that their business is cool, free and independent and have no idea that this is actually hellish work. And it will be hard and painful to beat ambitions. After all, you wanted the best, you wanted everyone to like it. I put a lot of time and effort into it. And some suckers who didn’t smell gunpowder write to you, “You are a freak, and your work is a sad shit!”

    When there are so many circumstances around you, your life becomes exactly the same. Rise at 5, letters, calls, meetings, problems, solutions until 12 at night, but there are no days off. Not a single one ... A phone call can disrupt all non-working plans. Here she is, as a result, the freedom and independence of the entrepreneur.

    And in this everyone will always have to control emotions and think soberly and unconventionally. Summarizing, I can say that it is this (and naturally the ability to make decisions quickly) that make a person a successful entrepreneur, and not knowledge of the subject area at all (although this is a very big plus).

    And Val really can do what you like and quietly get paid, just by working for an uncle. Well, or freelance.

    UPD : For you to understand me correctly, I am an entrepreneur :)

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