Rambler. Traffic jams

    Yesterday Rambler announced its traffic jam service .
    As stated in the release:
    The main difference and advantage of the launched service from similar Internet projects is that the user receives more complete information about traffic jams not only in the capital, but also in the immediate suburbs. The source of information about the condition of roads is the company "77.ru" , which in its work uses the data of the traffic police and private users.

    Rambler - Traffic Jams publish up-to-date data on the situation on all major highways, small streets and alleys of Moscow and the Moscow region. Information on the project is updated every 10 minutes. On the map, in different colors, depending on the degree of congestion of the roads, sections of the streets where traffic jams have occurred are highlighted, or critical congestion is observed. The direction of obstructed movement is also indicated: “from the center”, “to the center”, “along the outer or inner side of the MKAD”.

    The resource will be constantly improved and supplemented. It is also planned to increase the number of private users, which will expand the coverage of the territory, data on which is provided by the Rambler - Traffic project

    I have so far noticed that information on traffic jams with Yandex differs slightly from Yandex. Where it was more precisely to check possibilities was not. Although Yandex for its accuracy never really pleased me.
    We are waiting for traffic jams from Google.

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