iCamp - Informal conference about the Internet

    iCamp  is the first informal conference of Internet activists in Russia. The conference will be held in barcamp format . iCamp will be held from July 30 to August 3 at the Ethnomir cultural and educational center .

    In 2008, iCamp will be devoted to the development of new Internet projects, social networks, educational opportunities for the Internet, blogging and citizen journalism, the creation of cross-media content, as well as promising Internet technologies.

    The main goal of iCamp  is to bring together talented people who determine the development of the Internet - its driving force, organize the exchange of experience and knowledge, create an effective environment for professional and personal development.

    The iCamp program is built on an open principle, where each participant in the event can declare a topic, gather like-minded people and conduct a seminar, master class, open workshop, competition or presentation.

    Particular attention at iCamp will be given to the development of startups, commercial and social Internet projects. An informal conference will serve as a platform for their discussion and an impetus for further development. Projects that will take part in the startup section of iCamp will have the opportunity to receive funding.

    iCamp is supported by the MGIMO Internet Policy Center .

    Follow the news iCamp 2008, you can online www.icamp.ru , our blog in LJ on Habrahabr collective blog iCamp. You can participate in our lives using the Google group and the Facebook group . The official event twitter;) - here .

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