I'll give it in good hands ...

    mobilz.netThe idiot’s dream didn’t come true = (
    As soon as I got carried away with web development (5-6 years ago), I wanted to make a catalog of mobile equipment. I just wanted to kill it. I didn’t have time, I even started several times, but in the end everything stopped.
    The same thing happened and now ... did I did mobilz.net , but the point is ...

    What is?

    There is a catalog of mobile (so far only GSM) equipment with a flea market, offers from stores (ala market.yandex), comments, etc.
    There is a self-written forum . Yes, I like to reinvent the wheel again and again.
    There is a blog engine ala Habr, with karma, social main, pall and whores.
    There is a complete social. package, with personal mail, friendship, etc.
    There is a self-written help system , ala wiki.
    There is even a price analyzer and plans for global statistics on the market of cell phones and mobile equipment.
    There is a huge desire to bring the project to mind ...

    What is missing?

    There is not enough person who can write good news and reviews on the blog. And then stealing from mobime.ru is very disgusting, they are good people (Olka hi). I want to be their sworn enemies and competitors No. 1, and not copy their content = (
    There is not enough person who could follow the catalog. The catalog is automatically filled, but sometimes there is a poltergeist.
    There is not enough person who could raise the forum.
    There are not enough people ready to participate in the project.

    Issue price ...

    Actually, regarding the interest of those same “people” and that same “person”. I am ready to offer a good share in the project to those (or those) who are willing to support and develop the project. For my part, I guarantee those. support and refinement of current services + development of new ones.
    Or I’m ready to consider the proposals of producers and investors, with good investments I’m ready to find the very “people” and that same “man”.

    And then damn, I thought that I would do it myself and earn it = (it’s a shame that such a project disappears. After all, only mobime.ru can compete of such projects , everyone else is morally obsolete. I will

    consider any suggestions. Either in comments or on webmaster @ mobilz. net. Thank you for your attention.

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