Introducing the Internet

    In the distant 90s, even when the mail was UUPC and 14400 modems, dad said that we now have Internet at home. I was still a child then, and it was not clear to me how it is so possible to "see the whole world."

    At first I was not allowed on the Internet, they spoke very expensively, and it was somehow uninteresting to me (and the age is still not the same).

    A few years later I first saw the "site". This first site I saw was yahoo. I still remember his first design, the standard blue colors of the rulers, nothing complicated. Somewhere at the same time, I registered my first mailbox - on hotmail.

    Through yahoo for kids, I found a girl from America with whom I corresponded for several years.
    Then it was time for the first personal page. It was made in ms word, consisted of 2-3 pages, with the proud inscription “My Homepage”.

    After that, I heard the word HTML, and I was incredibly interested in how to use this HTML to make a website. My first attempts to process data from forms using only input tags did not lead to anything, and with the help of a huge thick book on HTML I learned about the existence of such a monster as Perl. My first Perl script just sent mail.

    I was wondering how it all works, I wonder how to do it, what can be obtained from this.
    Today, I am grateful to my father for teaching me the Internet, the English language, and everything that helps me achieve my goals.

    Here is my story of exploring the Internet.

    What is your first web site?

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