Nike + on the way to iPhone and iPod touch

    The Nike + Sport Kit, released two years ago with the Apple iPod nano digital music players, has finally been enhanced to the extent that it can be used with the iPhone and iPod touch.

    The update was announced by Mark Wilson of, who learned this during a Nike tour of the company's headquarters in Oregon, during which he also managed to test various types of sports shoes, which the manufacturer made specifically for the 32nd Summer Olympics.


    “The first block of news is that Nike + will expand compatibility with iPod Nano to iPhone and iPod Touch,” he writes. “There is no surprise, but an interesting detail - due to this, both devices can become compatible with Wi-Fi (and for the iPhone this also means 3G capabilities), which will allow you to change the list of tracks for training on the go.”

    With the existing kit option, owners must first connect their iPod nano to a Mac or PC, download iTunes, and then visit the Nike + website. With new applications written for the iPhone and iPod touch — presumably using the Apple iPhone SDK — users can transfer information wirelessly directly to the website.

    Wireless feature can be synced with Nike + Coach, a new option that appeared this week onNike + website . It creates the feeling of working with a personal trainer on an individual schedule based on the Sport Kit programs: 5km, 10km, half marathon or a full marathon.

    Released in May 2006, the thirty-dollar $ 30 Nike + iPod Sport Kit for iPod nano immediately became a huge success. In less than 90 days, more than 450,000 units were sold. Until now, it is estimated that Nike and Apple have already sold more than a million copies.

    In fact, the response was so impressive that by the beginning of 2007, Nike had sold over 3 million Nike + compatible sports shoes. It turned out that by the end of 2007, each pair of sports shoes supported iPod technology.
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    Be that as it may, recently some presentations have raised the question of how fast the Nike + iPod will move forward. In October, for example, Nike and Apple were indicted in a lawsuit involving this technology.

    In an eight-page complaint, a Utah sports company reported that it patented similar technology in 1998, and then, two years later, talked about a Nike license. According to the lawsuit, the manufacturer actively denied interest, only in six years to come to the market with a similar Nike + concept.

    So far, the biggest threat to the technology has been Apple itself, which, as it became known recently, is engaged in the development of a fully functional digital sports trainer, which is much richer in options than the Nike + options.

    via Appleinsider

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