The project “Girl in a Bikini” has started on the project Photo Mail.Ru

    Фото@Mail.Ru on the project started the competition "The Girl in the Bikini» - .

    The finalist of the competition will be determined by the star jury - singer and musician Timati, singer Alexa, lead singer of the Hands Up group, Sergey Zhukov, lead singer of the Keep Your Legs Up Max Pokrovsky band, and Elena Abitaeva and Simon, hosts of the morning show on the radio ENERGY.

    The competition will be held in three stages. From April 1 to April 30, all Internet users will vote for the beauties in bikinis, on the basis of which the TOP 100 will be formed. In the second round, which will be held from May 1 to May 7, each member of the star jury will select three girls from among the winners in the first stage.

    In the final of the competition, from May 8 to 15, users will again act as a jury. During the week they will choose the three most beautiful participants who will spend their holidays on the Black Sea in the luxury hotels of Yalta and Feodosia.

    The winner will have the opportunity to go to the Bristol Yalta Hotel. The runner-up will go to the Primorsky Park hotel and park located in Yalta. And the beauty, who became the third, will go to the hotel and restaurant complex "Boulevard Hill" in Feodosia.

    In addition, the partner of the contest, the ENERGY radio station, will announce the winner in the special ENERGY GIRL! Nomination, which will receive a special prize.

    To participate in the contest “A Girl in a Bikini”, it is necessary to create an album on Photo Mail.Ru with the name “A Girl in a Bikini” and place the photo in a swimsuit in it, telling in the “Description” field where and under what interesting circumstances this photo was taken . Only one photo can be nominated for the contest.

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