My promotion strategy

    Personal, from the cross {blog} blog

    Some of my projects today acquired such indicators, Yandex terribly disliked me for my actions and gave me another lesson, which forces me to analyze the current situation and move on.

    So, the blog is pessimized, other projects are probably banned. But they are brand new and survived only one ap. For the next, I assumed an increase in tits and PR, but now I don’t know what they hope for.

    Projects have one thing in common - they participate in Sape and there are no more than 3 links from a single page. The difference is that the blog is with unique content, the rest of the projects are parsing.

    Everything except the blog - I’m interested in how to earn money with Sape, Xap, context, on the blog I’m interested in having a useful audience of readers and just a large number of users who will bring any money from the context. To do this, you will have to suspend the company selling Sape links on the blog, which means losing part of the income that I was hoping to increase.

    I don’t know how many people can do it, but with puzomerki less than my blog, they get $ 2 each day, but I only have $ 1.2 and pessimizations and completely no traffic. Apparently, the point is in the subject of sites. There is no need to talk about the context from banned projects.

    Drawing a line, under all this I would like to highlight the following points:

    • I can build up TIC and PR - well
    • Unique Content - Good
    • I do not know how to collect traffic - bad
    • Parsing is bad

    How do I proceed next?

    cross {blog}

    As already noted, I remove the Sape links from the blog and leave only the context (presumably from Google AdSense, maybe I'll try Yandex). I am writing to Yandex technical support and asking to remove pessimization from the blog. These actions, presumably, should return the site to normal delivery and bring normal useful traffic. There is nothing to talk about money from the context on the topics of this blog, except to evaluate it on the subject of “Advertising Services”. If there are any, all the funds received will be used to promote the blog and build up a belly.

    cross {reg}

    The first customers and the first money transferred appeared, experiments are being conducted, and people are asking the price. In the future, I intend to expand the service and engage in link building, not only by registering in catalogs, but also in other ways.


    I approach each new project from the point of view of a project aimed at contextual advertising, that is, I evaluate the activity of clicks on available sources and the popularity of the subject. Whether it’s a parsed project (on my CMS satellite) or a unique project (on the Wordpress engine) I raise TIC and PR. I direct all my efforts to collecting traffic, and I sell a maximum of 2 pieces of links from Sape and Xap. Probably, only in such a way it will be possible to get a result that so far does not completely satisfy me. For example:

    One of the projects that is under development, the theme is understandable, it is both traffic-generating and clickable. But it’s even difficult for me to guess how many such sites and how many of them I need to make and raise in order to reach $ 300 / month from the context and links ... Everyone who has already gone this way - I would like to ask you to leave a comment on this topic!

    Online store

    Today I have already completed the setup (except for the distribution system) of the online store engine for my first customer. I can show only to those who wish and knocked on ICQ. In general, I want to note that there is:

    • Password Registration / Recovery System
    • The correct links are url / link / 1 /
    • Newsletter system
    • Payment system with the ability to add, delete, configure payment for various categories of goods
    • The system of discounts and margins for the cost of the order, for the selected payment system, for the location of the customer
    • Order Management and Reporting System
    • System for the separation of administrator and moderator rights
    • Custom meta per page
    • Dynamic and static page system with side module configuration
    • Intelligent Product Search

    In general, all that a good online store should be different in order to win in a competitive environment. It remains to begin the promotion. I planned to start doing this in the next couple of days. I really hope for good results and your positive comments and support!

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