Time to scatter networks

    (Inspired by the article “Ways to“ lure ”users to the resource.”)

    What the article is about, I think, is clear from its title. But I wanted to talk about a real project in which several methods listed in the article are ideally implemented.

    There is a company, one of the divisions of which produces all kinds of yoghurts. The company has long been oriented and positions its products as products of a healthy lifestyle, thinness and, in general, happiness. Therefore, slender, beautiful, smiling ladies and gentlemen, as well as happy, laughing children, look at us from her boxes.

    At some point, the company's marketers come up with another move for the next promotion of its products. The company announces a competition: "Take a place on the packaging of our product." To submit applications for the competition, a sufficiently long period was determined. Such that the virus has time to cover the largest possible population. To participate in the competition, you need to fill out a questionnaire and upload pictures of yourself, your loved ones, friends and acquaintances on the company's website. The winner will be the one who receives the largest number of votes cast for his photo.

    We will not go far for examples. Personally, I’ve been reminded twice twice today of the need to vote. I think my family is not an exception: many (very many) have the Internet, almost everyone eats yoghurts, most of them crave fame. All members of the families involved, distant and close relatives, colleagues, and subordinates were called to computers. It is hard to say how many of them became new participants. At the time of this writing (the deadline for submitting applications is far from over), the number of pages with photographs was ... 3998 (!). On each page there are photos of 8 participants. Total - almost 32 thousand participants and the acceptance of applications continues.

    Someone might think, “shit!” And I think there are chances. Since I believe that a sufficiently large number of those who sent photos did not send a separate fax (!) With a waiver of financial claims and permission to the company to use the photo at its discretion. Maybe I'm naive, and all consumers are so cunning that they always read note information printed in small print in the basement of an advertisement? ..

    Typical lottery. Why participate in it? First of all, to win is always cool. It doesn’t matter if you ride a bag in a bag for a long distance with hurdles, or if you eat sandwiches for a while. I heard there are people who compete in the amount and amount of donations. I’m sorry I don’t know such people.

    Secondly, another idea of ​​marketers “shoots”. Those whose fax has already been processed get the opportunity to find a product sample on their website with their (!) Photo. Not just a sample. A cool three-dimensional object. Which you can twist, look from all sides, take a couple of "shots". Moms will go to the site two to three times a day to look at their child on the package of yogurt and brush off a tear of tenderness. Colleagues of mothers will be involved in the discussion of the advantages (mainly of their own) and the shortcomings (mainly of others) of photographs and models. The male part of the population will begin to brag about their girlfriends / offspring, and at the same time discuss with the co-workers the virtues of a blonde with a package of yogurt and a redhead from a bottle of kefir.

    We can safely assume that each participant will “bring” to the site at least 3-4 people. Daily. One hundred thousand viewers, one ruble each ... It will be ... It will be ... Roughly, it will be 100 thousand unique people a day. The eyes of which will fix the company logo on the background of happy faces of close and not very close people. Advertising specialists can correct me, but, in my opinion, this is called "Creating a long-term positive image."

    I just looked in the fridge. What do you think of which yogurt and beverage company in it the most? More recently, we preferred their competitors.

    Total At very low cost, the company receives:
    • Positive image.
    • Regular customers.
    • Folk goods.
    • Increase sales.
    • Debugged mechanism for conducting contests. To start the next one, only the initial injection in the media will be required.

    The client is also not in the loser:
    • Have fun.
    • In case of a miracle, he won. But no, at least I bought a lottery ticket. Moreover, cheaply. Just think, I spent quite a bit of my time.
    • He showed himself to the general public, looked at others.
    • Against the background of gloomy everyday life I saw a sea of ​​joyful faces.
    • Once again, I felt like a voter, deciding the fate of the world, and a little - a chosen one.
    • Used a quality product.

    By the way, regarding the last point. No company will help if the product is of poor quality. ... At this point I had already begun to deploy a detailed explanation of my statement. And then I realized that I wanted to say something not at all about it.

    I wanted to say about why I put this article in “startups”. As said, the costs are "negligible." But as one of my friends says: “I’ve been scooping these minor precipitations out of my house for two days already.”

    The organization of such events may not be possible for one, even a large, company. It requires combining several players for one joint action. Say: manufacturing company + portal (information sponsor) + social network + photo service. Or: a local TV station + video service + podcasts to listen to applicants, for example. The list and options are endless. Each such set of participants is a startup. At the same time, each solves its own problems, each achieves its own goals, and all together they cater to (cater) the client. Providing him with a disjoint set of goods and services. It turns out that everyone is winning? It seems like that. Both customers and traders. Vintuvin in action.

    The main thing, in my opinion, is not to screw it up: not to do such campaigns by playing powder on the virtual contest of “Miss City” and using crooked hosting and non-working services. Do it beautifully. I have Jeep ads on my site. She is not there because I want to buy it. And not because Jeep is cool. I placed her because she is insanely beautiful and cheerful.

    Are there losers in this situation? Of course. These are competitors of the company who decided to stop promoting their goods and services by distributing leaflets in the passage and posters throughout the wall of a multi-storey building. They paid a lot of money for this. Just do not take into account that times are changing. Web 2.0 has come. Yesterday.

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