Facebook wants to introduce everyone who is capable of it

    The new “People You May Know” feature on Facebook is a real conveyor for making friends, it can be compared to a slot machine that gives out a bunch of prizes every time you spin the drum. According to some experts, this feature can dramatically increase the average number of social connections per user. The result could be an exponential increase in project attendance, although about 67 million people are already registered in it.

    The bottom line is that the program analyzes the profiles of all users up to six (!) Levels of law from you. After that, the system gives a list of recommendations, which of them may be of ideal interest to you. Apparently, the criterion for choosing is the presence of at least four similar profiles in your first circle.

    With proper implementation, such a system of recommendations is extremely addictive. If the system really finds people who are interested in each other, then for many users the search for new friends can turn into an obsessive hobby. In addition, the recommendation engine can automatically filter spam on social networks, that is, requests from potential friends that are definitely not interesting to you.

    via Outside the Lines

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