Keyboard for PHP programmer

    By type of activity, you have to do programming in PHP, not the ultimate dream, but you can live :) For the same reason, you often have to type the symbol $ (dollar), which begins with the name of the variable. It always seemed inconvenient for me to stretch my fingers on the Shift + 4 keys to type this character. In general, disgusting usability.

    A legitimate question arose, is it possible to use a different key combination? And is it possible to change the functions of individual keys? For example, I’m annoyed by the presence of the Caps Lock button directly above the left Shift - I miss it every now and then.

    It turned out that in Windows starting with version 2k / XP there is a way to configure the keyboard through the registry.
    The bottom line is to assign the scan code of one button to another (Scan Code Mapping)

    What is required?
    1. Set the character $ (dollar) using the combination Shift + Caps Lock (By the way, it turned out to be very convenient)
    2. Reassign Caps Lock to Num Lock. (I do not remember when I used it)

    What needs to be done?
    Open the key in the registry (not to be confused with Keyboard LayoutS):
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Keyboard Layout

    Add a new REG_BINARY parameter named Scancode Map and add the parameter value as shown in Fig.

    1 Fig. 1 Scancode Map parameter valueScancode Map Value

    Pay attention to the sequence of numbers 05 00 3A 00, these are the scan codes for the “4” and “Caps Lock” keys, respectively. Thus, first - what we want to receive, then - on which button we want to receive. To disable the key you need to fill in the first 2 pairs of digits with zeros. (for example: 00 00 05 00 - disables the "4" key)
    After this, a computer restart is required.

    And in general, there are multimedia keyboards, why not develop the idea of ​​a keyboard for programmers. So that, for example, the "$" sign or the construction "->" are generally on single keys. Perhaps there is a software solution, you need to research the topic.

    Keyboard Scan Code Specification
    Scan Code Mapper for Windows

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