Google will detect the presence of the child at the computer

    Inventors from Google have found a way to determine who is sitting at the computer on the other side of the screen: an adult or a minor. The behavior of the user at the computer is also monitored through the Google Toolbar program. By analyzing all the information, data from the search history and the list of visited pages, the system allows a relatively reliable conclusion about the presence of the child. How effective the method works is not yet clear, but an official patent for this invention has already been granted by the US Patent Office.

    The author of the invention claimed in the patent, doctor of sciences Krishna Bharat is also indicated as co-author of another patent, which describes a system for determining nationality, literacy, age, gender and income level of a search engine user.

    Krishna Bharat is known as the main developer of the Google News project . He currently serves as director of the new Google research unit in Bangalore, India.

    via Slashdot

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