Google Summer of Code 2008

    Tomorrow, March 24, begins accepting applications from students and graduate students to participate in Google Summer of Code 2008 .

    Google Summer of Code is a good opportunity to earn extra money in the summer by working on one of the many open source products: PostgreSQL, Python, PHP, FreeBSD and many, many others (a list of projects participating this year can be found here: http: // code / soc / ).

    What do you need to participate? Being a student or graduate student, having basic programming skills and basic development experience in the language (s) that are used in the project you are interested in, and have free time (month 2) in the summer. Next, you need to come up with a topic (as a rule, this is an additional module, additional functionality, refinement; more rarely, a separate subproject) and write a proposal. Of course, it would be nice to enlist the support of one of the existing developers of the selected project, ideally - your future mentor.

    Hurry up, the deadline for accepting applications is March 31 , there is not much time!

    PS For PostgreSQL, a list of ideas and instructions can be found here:

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