Delicious food recipes or YouTube culinary counterparts.

    I was just surprised when I stumbled upon an analog of youtube, but with a culinary theme. And I was amazed when I was able to find as many as five such highly specialized sites, and each audience is quite rather big.

    The question arose in my head - and when will our culinary sites cease to be content with only text, and will go on the offensive through large channels of perception. Apparently not soon, this is a rather troublesome and expensive business.

    Incidentally, the shooting of the cooking process, motivates to clean up the kitchen. Tested on my own experience.

    Links themselves: (step-by-step guides for preparing tasty and wholesome (?) Food) (find the video or fill it yourself, naturally on the subject of cooking)
    Im Cooked(the motto of the service is simple and designed for the masses - cook, shoot on video and
    put it out ) Cookshow (video on culinary topics, TV shows with hosts (though I’m not sure if the show was on TV or shot by Cookshow itself), blogs and some kind of social network)
    iFoods .tv (find the video or fill it yourself, naturally on the topic of cooking)

    And as an additive, a YouTube video, on a topic that is tasty in many senses:

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