Census of potential coworkers in Yekaterinburg

    This topic was written and asked me to publish by the user fotonstep , who was seriously interested in the topic of coworking , publishes a series of articles on this topic on his blog , and in general a very interesting person, an Internet enthusiast and author of one of the best blogs about personal effectiveness. I think it will not be superfluous to give him the opportunity to write on the habr himself through karmopomoshki;)
    Forgive me dadyua , but his post is so good that I got infected.

    I would like to collect the population coworking office in Yekaterinburg. There is a person who is professionally engaged in the search and renting of the area, but what is required of us is to only express a desire. You need 10-15 people, you can pay more, you pay for the office tentatively - no more than $ 250 per person. The first month will be done repair and arrangement of the office, this must be prepared.

    Those who would not mind participating and meeting offline offline, unsubscribe! The scheme can be used the same as that of DadUA, it is quite detailed.

    1. My profession : designer / programmer / CEO / startup owner / etc.
    2. Workplace : a spacious VIP-table / a small table for one / a place at a common table / I like to sit on a sofa / etc.
    3. Wages : 50-300 US dollars
    4. Schedule : 1 day a week / 3 days randomly / full-time 8x5 / absolute employment 24x7 / etc.
    5. External priorities : convenient transportation / good cafe nearby / park area and clean air / many shops in the area / few or many people / first or 10th floor / etc.
    6. Internal priorities : a cozy working atmosphere / a lot of space / communication with good people / reliability to leave things / coffee breaks / etc.
    7. Furnishings : you need a conference room / all office equipment / coffee machine / ping-pong table / board, magnets and a projector / greens and flowers everywhere / etc.

    I ask those interested to unsubscribe in the comments.

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