"Office 2.0" - the first coworking office in Kiev

    An ideal place for your next step.

    To create a place where any pro can freely and comfortably work at any time (24/7), using all the amenities of a modern office, collaborating, discussing joint projects, or simply exchanging ideas / knowledge with others, if you wish " neighbors. "

    - Convenient location (15 minutes from the metro, 7 from the bus station, not to mention minibuses passing by :))
    - 350 meters + 60 meters terrace
    - beautiful view from 16/17 floors
    - reception, 4 common rooms on two levels and three meeting rooms
    - unlimited internet
    - security

    Project details:
    - Go to the office and exit at any time (24/7)
    - In the summertime, it is possible to work outdoors, on the terrace
    - Anyone can come to the office for free for a couple of hours (to visit or as a client of a “neighbor”)
    - Rent meeting rooms hourly for “guests”
    - A kitchen with a refrigerator will be organized in the office , microwave and coffee machine
    - Lunch, sandwich, pizza, sushi delivery is possible ...

    Opening is scheduled for late March - early April, so who cares - write to

    UPD comments :

    - workplace
    - use of common places (terrace, kitchen, meeting rooms) )
    - wi-fi
    - telephone
    - Society I library (Planning a will by common efforts as "neighbors" and organizers)
    - use of office equipment (printer, scanner, copier, fax)
    - promotion of a loved one on the project website (each will have his own profile with a portfolio and a list of services provided)
    - participation in general events

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