Kazakh scientists developed a trilingual dictionary of IT terms

    To be honest, I did not know where it is better to post this note - in I am smart or Humor on Habr . Laughter through tears.

    In Kazakhstan, quite a long time ago, a law was passed on the translation of all that is possible into Kazakh. And this is not so much about documents, laws and regulations, but about the usual words and terms. So, the words with the international meaning “airport” and “computer” were translated. Currently, the hand of law and linguistics has reached technological terms. I will not judge how good or bad this is. I only note that this is currently creating huge problems for specialists in the IT industry for obvious reasons.

    According to the newspaper Express-K ,recently, professors Alimzhan Berikuly and Askhyn Turim led a project to create a special English-Russian-Kazakh IT dictionary. To date, they have translated nearly 1,200 terms. All new IT expressions are approved by the Committee on Languages ​​of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

    By the way, a number of Latin terms received only the Kazakh suffix. And the widely used words are completely translated, for example, the transmission is tasymaldau, the adapter is beyimdeuish.
    On my own I will add I especially liked the translation USB (Universal Serial Bus) - УҚА (Universaldi Қatar Aptobus).

    What does the Khabrochelovek think: is this phenomenon taking place or is it? ..

    UPD: Then another question: can we prevent this?

    UPD2 : Sozdik- One of the powerful online translators, which does not yet have most of the technical terms, but you can already find out how the CD, adapter, and what “ Baiterek ” really means “Special byte”; P


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