How to see a monster, or the onset of spring

    Today I saw that line beyond which young children turn into monsters with green eyes. These monsters come from another dimension or deep space. They want to shoot a grenade launcher at them, but you understand - no, they won’t take the infection! Here we need BFG (experts know). And do not think that I do not like children. They are so cute and direct, different and equally cute while there are no adults nearby.
    Here is one such handsome 8-9 years old and came up to me today with an angelic face and an absolutely unearthly voice resembling a Christmas bell, he asked: “Excuse me! Can you tell me where the ELECTRONIC LABYRINTH is? ”At first I didn’t understand what it asked me about. I just admired such a polite angel and missed the thought process by the analysis device. I ask (naively and with zeal): “And what is this?” It turns its head and into the space somewhere behind my right ear drops: “I see ...” It turns around and leaves, dissolves, leaves.
    My confusion lasts a long time. Understanding your own worthlessness degrades endlessly. And, by the end of the day, the truth begins to come: but they are not from here. They are not even from our galaxy. Some children of corn. Time and space will change, and these will rule our universe as their own. We do not exist for them, just as ants or flies do not exist for us until they reach our presence. And then one curious person will take you or me and will tear off its paws. Out of curiosity. Or see what's inside?
    However, it’s all fantastic and I love children and am still touched by looking at them, but I hate adults distributing slaps on the back. Have children, people! May there be more of them, and fewer of us, may the world become younger and smell in the spring! Hurrah!

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