Memories of the first computer can be priceless

    Dan Budiak and his Apple IIcOr they can cost you $ 2,600. That is exactly what Dan Budiak, a web developer from New York paid for, to purchase on eBay the very model of Apple computer with which he grew up 2 decades ago.

    And although bets on older computers can start at $ 1, this Apple IIc from a company later called Apple Computer Inc. was far more valuable: it was still in its original packaging that it had never been opened.

    “When this auction started, I knew that it should be mine,” Budiak says in an interview. "The chance to open a tidbit - a 20-year-old computer, was too good to miss."

    He won the auction on January 26, paying $ 2,553 for the computer and another $ 47 for delivery.

    It was the small price Budiak had to pay to see a computer that he had not seen since his father sold it in 1989. And although collectors would be overwhelmed by Budiak’s desire to open a box with a computer, and some expressed their indignation, he did not sit for a long time with the packaging without opening it. “In the end, I decided that I was not buying it for financial investments. I bought it in order to sit until 4 in the morning playing Oregon Trail. "

    Opening the box was a hit on the Internet; Budiak's Flickr photo album has been visited more than 2.5 million times. Visitors to his site left their own memories of the nights spent studying the docs, reading the BBS, and playing the Lemonade Stand .

    If he had the opportunity to own a single old computer, “That would be IIc ... This is the sexiest computer Apple has ever released,” says Budiak. "He is also a work of art on par with what is a computer."

    Although some Mac fans may admire Budiak and his computer, a much smaller group of people still use Apple II in the 21st century. A few stubborn people got their Apple II what Apple had no idea about when creating this computer. Two Australian programmers created a TCP / IP connection to connect Apple II to the Internet; another enthusiast from England created a web browser for him , an email client, an FTP client and a Usenet reader. These and other users gather annually in Missouri at the KansasFest, an annual convention that marks the past and future of the respected computer model.

    “Apple II continues to delight people to this day,” says Tony Diaz, KansasFest coordinator and webmaster for the event’s website, . "Many people recall their first acquaintance with computers through Apple II, as well as its sleek and simple approach, and the opportunities it provides" out of the box. "

    The Apple IIc was unveiled at an event dubbing the Apple II Forever, and the memory of this sits deep inside Budiak. “I honestly cannot imagine the opportunity to ever part with a computer. Even if I get bored with memories of the glory of past days, it will remain a functioning piece of history, at the same time also beautiful. It's all better than if I bought something in an art gallery. "

    Based on materials: ComputerWorld

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