Bamboo smart

    While some make environmentally friendly phones from recycled tins and old car tires , designer Michael Lot doesn't care too much about mother nature, offering his mobile phone concept from ... bamboo.

    Never is the “green” Chute Smartphone made of the fastest growing “tree” on the planet (well, in fact, bamboo is grass). But then it is conceptually “warm”, natural and organic. And if you think about it, don’t curse me Greenpeace, the bamboo from which, according to the designer’s idea, the body of this smart can be made, is by no means listed in the red book. And the fact that it is lighter and stronger than plastic and “clean in production” (it grows itself and grows, and in large quantities), only adds some “natural” charm to the Chute Smartphone concept.

    Yes, what’s inside the Chute Smartphone inside doesn’t matter at all. Michael Lot didn’t even think up the stuffing. It's all about the case. I wonder what it will cost companies to expand the production of a couple of models from bamboo?

    via Yankodesign

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