Funny alarm clock from Hasbro

    As for me, as an alarm clock there is nothing better than the "old school" metal monster, which, if you do not forget to start it, with your rattling it will raise even the dead from the bed. But, apparently, the time for such radical measures has already passed. More and more, an ordinary mobile phone is being used as an alarm clock. Practical. But ... there is a better way, according to Hasbro, of course.

    The device released by this company consists of two parts interconnected via a wireless interface. This is the alarm clock itself, called Room Tech Clock and the Room Tech Lamp. Despite the appearance of the device, which is designed primarily for children of primary school age, the Hasbro Room Tech Clock features are not at all childish.

    When the set time comes, a stylized alarm clock starts either pounding with its small plastic hands on the surface on which it stands, or turns on the built-in FM-receiver. Or it can start playing MP3 files from a player connected to it. In addition to this cacophony, the lamp also turns on. Her appearance may make you think about hard drugs that Hasbro designers could take, but she, like, should do pretty well. It is also sensory: just touch it and it will either change color or turn off.

    Hasbro's "Children's Awakening System" will not be released soon (in September this year) and will cost about $ 80.

    via gizmodo

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