"Vaveve", or the Eternal business card of Voronin


    A business card in most cases is doomed to fragility. Business card holders change addresses, phone numbers, last names. Often the printing of business cards is initiated by the company where the business carrier is working , and after the dismissal (or transfer to another position), the data printed on the card becomes irrelevant. I have several dozen business cards in my card holder with data crossed by a ballpoint pen (trouble for glossy neighbors). Sometimes an update comes in the form of a new business card; sometimes he is not at all, a person is lost, and at the right time his phone ( from a business card ) is unavailable.

    An expensive, but convenient and original solution - an electronic business card, with a mini-chip for updating the data (automatic or manual - depending on the version). Similar ideas have already been implemented in the form of business cards " mini-sit ", and special usb-cards . The advantages of the Voronin gadget (in addition to the durability of the medium) is that the size of the "card" remains standard, and the thickness is three ordinary business cards folded in a stack. A special film displays the card data without backlight ( in standard mode ), and with backlight ( in presentation mode ) by clicking on the contact plate. Presentation of data on a business card is organized so that " at the top of the corner┬╗There is a person, not his position, or company; connections are possible between people, not blocks of shares, or land. Information is

    synchronized and changed automatically. Once the card is near the wireless Internet zone, it connects to a special network and checks the information. In the case of an update, it sends a certain signal. Global data storage is carried out using a special web application, a passive social network . The network can receive information from existing and declared sources, as well as directly from the owner. This is much more convenient than printing business cards, or notifying everyone who has ever received your business card about a change in contact information.

    The electronic business card itselfIt is planned as an expensive, stylish and status item , which will predetermine the circle of its users in advance. Although you can imagine the acquisition of the gadget as a reasonable saving of money, paper, and optimization of hassle.

    Additional pictures and the background of the gadget - on my blog .

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